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The Gender and Women’s Studies Group covers all LGBT and women issues at Middle East Technical University (METU). The group aims to increase awareness of the conditions and experiences of women and LBGT people by holding discussions and staging workshops, screening films, arranging conferences, presenting panels, conducting campaigns of public stickering, and circulating questionnaires.

Gay students at METU first organized in 1996 as LEGATO (Lesbian and Gay Group) and unfortunately, request for official recognition made by women in 1996 was refused by the rectory. Since 2007 we have gathered as the Gender and Women’s Studies Group, with the aim of increasing public awareness of the human rights of LGBT people and women. Meetings are open for everyone and are held every Monday at 17.40 at the Physics Canteen. Thank you for your support or participation.

Contact: tckc­_odtu@yahoo.com

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