11 Ağustos 2009 Salı

Sazlı Sardunya Boutique Hotel - Assos,Turkey

The dance of green and blue with the foodmarks of history and the song of culture takes you to another place that you want to be.

Sometimes you want to run away from the darkness of the city. You look for a harbour which is kind, trustable but easily reachable.

At that time, please try your chance and come to Sardunya; be our guest and live the difference of being a member of Sardunya family at least one time in your life...

Our motel has 14 rooms with a very big garden in the clean sea of gulf, next to lesbos and ayvalık; just 1,5 mt away from the sea and all the rooms are in the old olive oil factory whichstands on for 150 years. If you want take your drink on our seaport , read your book at the garden with the sing of the vawes or take a cup of coffee with us.

Sardunya's history is full of exertion. The beginning exitement,lots of nights without any sleep and all stress were for you...

For to make you feel in your house but these are just for the beginning. We just want to make Sardunya your secont house and wanna make it perfect with the help of you...

Come on...please dont wait any more for taking breath of friendship and presence .

We are all here and waiting you. You will be welcome anytime you want...

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