11 Ağustos 2009 Salı

Lale Lodge Hotel Alacati Turkey

Lale Lodge set off on its journey with the motto “dance with the wind while resting your soul” offering the key to a romantic escape. No cost has been spared to impart a magical atmosphere created by original ideas. It is in this magical and relaxing atmosphere that you are invited to lounge in giant candlelit Jacuzzis in the private balconies of some rooms with the whistling gentle wind. If you are on your honeymoon, let us know and we will make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Start your day with the smell of delicious pastries and fresh lemonade made by Mr.Hakan’s mother, offered in a generous breakfast with fruits, tomatoes and olives grown on the garden of the hotel. You will also have the chance to taste diverse flavors of Swedish cuisine. Fondue Bourguignon is highly recommended!


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