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Kırkınca Boutique Hotel - Şirince - Ephesus - İzmir

Kırkınca Hotel invites you to witness the miracle created by nature and history hand in hand; to rest and enjoy yourself far from the chaos of the city... Ayasuluk Castle, Mother Mary’s House, Church of St. Jean, Celsus Library, İsabey Mosque, Grotto of the Seven Sleepers, Ephesus Amphitheatre, Hillside Houses, Hadrianus Temple and other historical landmarks surround the village of Sirince, with its lovely nature at an altitude of 350 meters and its various activities... Our rooms, designed for the perfect vacation, and our houses which welcome you instantly, will both make you feel at home, at the place where you were born... To deserve your attention and to match Sirince’s charm, Kırkınca Houses offers you the best service, along with a smiling face and the warmth of friendship since 2000. Thanks to Kırkınca Houses, you will leave your heart in Sirince...
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