11 Ağustos 2009 Salı

Kalehan Boutique Hotel - Ephesus

One of the first boutique hotels of Turkey, Hotel Kale Han is owned and managed by a Crete-origin family. Hotel is an authentic surprise featuring a heirloom wedding gown and embroidered bridal kit dating back to 200 years ago, regional keys and key lock collection, the passport issued for the family during population exchange, porcelain stove, manuscripts and old photos and a restaurant furnished with antique dinner service offering local Turkish cuisine with olive oils specially produced by the hotel via stone-pressing method, scratched green olives and home-made jams in its breakfasts unlimited by time. A spectacular garden amid fruit trees, lavenders and roses invites its guests to a rest while the pool offers a refreshing time with a view of the castle. The hotel is ideal for those who pursue a vacation full of culture, history and archeology and also enjoy a peaceful and pleasant stay.

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