11 Ağustos 2009 Salı

Aral Holiday Farm - Bozcaada

Aral Holiday Farm is situated on 14 acres of land planted with vineyards, fig, olive, quince, plum, pear, pine, peach, almond trees and corns and sunflowers. Stone buildings are preserved with care offering natural beauties and freedom at a single place. It is a sun-kissed farm peacefully lying on an evergreen land offering a natural and casual authentic farm experience rather than a hotel. You may pick up the locally grown fruits and vegetables as much as you like.

The farm is housed in an original stone building built 100 years ago. Ayşe Deniz Sekban, Msc. Architect has worked on the 2nd recently constructed part of the farm. Ahmet and Arzu Aral expended their utmost effort on every minute detail from the decorations to the walls and draperies.This is the only place in the island offering wedding organizations and country weddings

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