11 Ağustos 2009 Salı

Alaçat Kır Evi Alacati Turkey

This typical Alaçatı stone building is set in the heart of Alaçatı surrounded by windmills and overlooking Alaçatı market place. Each room is tastefully furnished individually with a combination of blue and white hues. Hotel kitchen is a grandiose one resembling our grandmothers’ kitchen with its wide array of enamelwares and very lenghty wooden table and food that recall flavours of home and filled with tempting aroma of home made cooking. Mulled wine is served in winter to warm your heart and home-made lemonade freshens up hot summer days. The magical recipes of daily baked cookies and pies are a wonder for the palates of guests. The old iron bedstead in the garden is to have a nap in the cool summer afternoons. Kırevi hotel has also opened a store called Dükkan which reflects the feel of Kırevi.

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